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Prenatal Program

What the Prenatal Program Offers: 

This program is offered in both the Missoula and Ravalli counties

This program focuses on health, wellness, and nutrition ​​through bi-weekly home visits.

A monthly group session for expectant parents and those with children under a year old is held at the center for a chance to get together and share experiences

After the baby is born, they have the option of being enrolled into the home-based program or the center-based program

Mother Daughter Portrait
Pregnant Woman and Partner

All of Our Programs Offer:  

  • Parent support groups individualized for fathers, mothers, guardians and caregivers

  • Help obtaining local area resources and social services

  • Nutrition, health and wellness education and information

  • Help finding health insurance, medical and dental 

If you are interested in applying to the prenatal program, please click here, or you can find our contact information under the Contact Us tab

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