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 We are always accepting applications 


We are an income based program that follows the federal poverty guidelines. That being said, we take much more than just income into consideration when processing applications.

Some other factors that we consider include: 

  • Social services received (WIC, SNAP, Healthy MT Kids, etc.)

  • Homelessness

  • Foster Care

  • Parent's education level

  • Single/Two parent household

Please reach out for more information, click here to be redirected to our contact information


If you are interested in filling out an application you can reach out to the office in your county. You can also download a PDF application from our website, or submit the fillable application. 

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Federal Poverty Guidelines

(As of 1/1/2022)

Number in Family          Yearly Income

2                                     $18,310

 3                                     $23,030

4                                     $27,750

5                                     $32,470

6                                     $37,190

7                                     $41,910

8                                     $46,630

Add an additional $4,720 for families over

8 people

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