Hamilton- Assistant Cook/Dishwasher

JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for assistance with the food service and preparation in the Head Start center. Duties are performed within state health regulations and USDA requirements. This position is subject to technical direction from the Cook.


Food Planning, Preparation and Serving:

  • Purchase food as necessary. Store food in an organized and sanitary manner.

  • Prepare meals according to the Performance Standards.

  • Prepare any special diets or family cultural foods with the assistance of the Nutrition Consultant (if needed).

  • Complete daily duties as detailed in Attachment A.


Keep the kitchen area cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis

  • Clean the refrigerator and cupboards on a weekly basis or as needed

  • Store all foods according to the state sanitation guidelines

  • Use the dishwasher or the three step washing procedure for sanitation of kitchen utensils


1. Keep a record of a monthly menu and post any changes

2. Keep daily attendance at mealtimes

3. Complete daily and weekly checklists

Assistance and Training:

1. Provide general assistance to the cook

2. Work cooperatively with parents and staff. Show patience and understanding with the children

3. Implement the Head Start Meal Time Philosophy at all times

4. Attend all meetings and workshops as deemed necessary by the supervisor

5. Maintain an awareness of current food service standards

KNOWLEDGE: Working knowledge in the area of quantity food preparation, nutrition and basic food service organization.

ABILITIES: Ability to prepare and cook foods in quantity and work while standing. Ability to maintain an effective working relationship with staff and get along well with parents and young children. Ability to keep all information on families confidential.


This position requires the employee to:

  • Walk, sit, talk, hear, bend, stoop and kneel

  • Lift up to 50 pounds

  • Have clear vision

This position is within the food preparation area of the facility; with a portion of the time spent in other areas for meetings, gatherings, etc.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $9.88 per hour